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I had a truly delightful experience on the Zagreb Photo Safari tour. Darko proved to be an exceptional guide, expertly showcasing the most exceptional photography locations and providing insightful guidance on capturing breathtaking shots.
Exploring the city of Zagreb during nighttime was nothing short of a thrill, allowing me to captivate its unique beauty and atmosphere through my lens.
I highly recommend this tour to anyone seeking to immerse themselves in a truly unforgettable photography experience in the city of Zagreb.
Martina Naidek

My journey with the Zagreb Photo Safari was a grand adventure!

Our guide was a seasoned navigator, steering us to the finest vistas and aiding us in capturing memories to treasure.

The excitement of exploring the city by night, capturing its unique allure through my lens, was unmatched.

I sing praises to this tour and heartily recommend it to any seeking a remarkable photography journey in Zagreb.

Marin Dumančić

I was quite enamored with my journey on the Zagreb Photo Safari tour! Our guide, was a marvel, escorting us to the most picturesque locales and imparting knowledge on capturing breathtaking images.

To explore the city of Zagreb in the evening hours was quite exhilarating, allowing me to preserve its one-of-a-kind radiance through the lens of my camera.

I would wholeheartedly endorse this tour to any individual seeking an unforgettable and enriching photography experience in the lovely city of Zagreb.

Juanito Santos

Had an enjoyable and fruitful experience being taught photography tips and skills on composition and framing, whilst made especially more exciting during daylight, twilight and night time, in the Charming Capital of Croatia. I chose the night photography tour as I needed to learn how to take better night pictures with my fixed lens Fujifilm X100. Darko is extremely patient and generous with his time, and we both lost track of time, and way exceeded the 3 hours tour with many photo taking spots and practice. With his professional photography skills, Darko is a wealth of knowledge and generous to share his expertise, and taught me about ISO, aperture setting and shutter speed. As a beginner, I had a lot to learn and also had fun learning.
Lu Helen Lim

An experience to never forget! This tour is highly recommended! With the very accessible and pleasant guide you come to so many places in Zagreb with super interesting information and on top of that also useful tips and tricks about the camera you work with. Great!

Natalie De Craecker

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